Joyfull Nutrition Therapy

Phone: 5126409503

I enjoy working with all ages, as well as with families and couples. I believe strongly that the conversation around nutrition is always two-way—there is value in what everyone has to say. I practice using an evidence based, non-diet approach to food, one that focuses more on the food itself and less on labeling it “healthy” or “unhealthy.” Clients can expect a tailored approach informed by Intuitive Eating and Health at Every Size (HAES®) principles. It is my absolute joy to help others reclaim the freedom that everyone deserves to have around food.

Works With:

All genders, Ages 16 and older

Specializes In:

Eating Disorders, Disordered Eating, Digestive Disorders, "Picky Eating," Diabetes, Meal Planning Education, Alternatives to Chronic Dieting

Fees and Types of Insurance Accepted:

Initial Consultation $180 for 75 min, Follow Up Nutrition Counseling $150 for 45 min or $90 for 25 min. A select number of sliding scale spots are available--please inquire directly.