Our Mission

The mission of Central Texas Eating Disorder Specialists is to make recovery possible through education, support, and assistance for the complex mental, emotion, and physical problems related to disordered eating.  We will support the community in making recovery possible.

We Believe In Change

We will provide information and education to sufferers, their families and loved ones, and the general public about the wide array of eating disorders.

We will educate professionals in health care, mental health and related disciplines by providing accurate and timely information about eating disorders, so that they may better serve their patients.

We will plan and hold periodic meetings and conferences about eating disorders for both professionals, and the general public.

We will establish and promote prevention programs in schools, institutions, businesses and industries, and in the community at large.

We will conduct research into specific areas of eating disorders to help expand knowledge of the field.

We will recruit and train volunteers who will provide reduced fee or low cost initial consultations so that persons, who have realized they have a problem, can seek professional advice.

We will develop support groups to assist individuals and their families as a person recovers from an eating disorder.

We will develop education and related materials to meet special needs.

We will network with other individuals, nonprofit organizations, and government agencies who share our mission and goals.

Our Community

Central Texas Eating Disorders Specialists is a non-profit organization that represents the collaborative efforts of professionals with varied expertise in the treatment of eating disorders. Please join our growing community!


Board Members


Neathery Thurmond, LCSW, CGP


Vice President:

Gina Mateer, RD, LD, CEDRD



Rachael McLellan, RD, LD



Tina Laboy, LD, RD, CEDRD


Membership Chair:

Kailyn Jopling, MS, RD, LD


Education Chair:

Chelsea Felder-Jenks, LPC


Fundraising Chair:

Neathery Thurmond, LCSW, CGP


Outreach and Website Chair: 

Rachael McLellan, RD, LD