JSF Counseling

Phone: 5125676398

I have been working with all types of eating disorders for 15 years. I love the challenge and the collaboration with other professionals. I enjoy working with children, adolescents, teens, and young adults. Eating disorders are a family dynamic and love working with families as well.

Specializes In:

All types of eating disorders and co-occurring disorders

Therapy Settings:

Private practice in Westlake hills

Theoretical Background:

I like the humanist approach as my treatment objective. No eating disorder is the same; yet have many typical traits. Over the years, i have been able to see a variety of issues with my clients. DBT, ACT, EMDR, CBT have all had successful outcomes.

Fees and Types of Insurance Accepted:

I do not take insurance.
My fee is $150 -$200 depending on type and length of session