Ample + Rooted

Phone: 512-759-0599
Website: al-clifton

I’m Al, a superfat, neurodivergent trans and queer they/them born and raised in central Texas. I grew up learning that the keys to a good life were thinness and perfectionism. I tried that for a long time and ran myself into the ground.

This work is very personal for me. It’s no coincidence that I specialize in work with queer, trans, and fat folks with eating disorders and complex trauma. I operate at the intersection of lived experience and wisdom learned from like-minded clinicians.

I work best with clients looking for a therapist who is “kind of weird” and just “gets it.” Clients who know what it’s like to be taught to disconnect from their body and what it’s like to be starving and fat at the same time. Clients who struggle to find big enough clothes that are gender affirming. Clients who have gone to the doctor and be prescribed an eating disorder as treatment for a simple cough.

I believe it’s my job as a therapist to *not* be a blank slate. My therapeutic style is grounded and guided by liberatory and abolitionist practices—this means I do my best to acknowledge why we have the pain, trauma, and experiences that we have. My work with clients is rooted in their lived experience and goals for themselves, as well as my knowledge of body liberation, social justice, anti-racism, harm reduction, and the mechanics of eating disorders.

Works With:

Individual clients over 24

Specializes In:

Queer, trans, fat folks with complex trauma and complex eating disorders. Neurodivergent folks, sex workers, and people who are non-monogamous. ARFID.

Therapy Settings:

Private practice

Theoretical Background:

attachment-focused, body liberation, harm reduction, HAES(R), IFS, IPNB, ACT

Fees and Types of Insurance Accepted:

private pay, $175 per 50 minute session. superbills available.