Jessica Sprengle, LLC

Phone: 7327075377

I am passionate about helping adolescents, young adults, and adults find peace with food, work toward finding a “home” in their bodies, and create lives worth living.

My clients and their families have described me as radically genuine, dynamic, and interactive. I am not a smile-and-nod therapist and I take pride in that. I will roll my sleeves up and get in there with you and we will work toward healing together. Therapy is about more than simply “the solution”; therapy is very much about “the process” – creating and maintaining the therapeutic relationship, reworking your relationship with yourself, recognizing patterns, shifting responses, and working toward continuing to grow even outside of therapy.

What I will provide to every client is the gift of authentic, unabashed therapy, with each of us doing our part. I promise you that there will be moments of laughter and irreverence along the way, even in the midst of vulnerability and distress.

Eating disorders and accordant issues can be enormously challenging and no person should have to endure life with an ED alone and without help. Healing begins with the very first step, no matter how small. We can take many more together and lead you/your child toward the recovery you/they deserve.


Group Info:


Run through The Alliance for Eating Disorders Awareness:

Our organization understands the significance that a community can offer individuals, providing them with a safe space where they can begin to heal therapeutically. As the only national organization in the country to provide free, clinician-led support groups, these communities not only aid in decreasing isolation, but provide individuals with a sense of belonging. They offer an environment of acceptance that serves as a refuge for those who may feel misunderstood and also creates a community of care. The support groups offered at the Alliance allow group members to reach their full potential by working through the struggles of their illness in order to move forward into a life of recovery.

Due to COVID-19, the group is not held online and multiple days/times are available. You can find more information here.

If you’re interested to know more about The Alliance, please visit here.

Works With:

Individuals aged 13+

Specializes In:

Eating disorders & disordered eating
Body image concerns
Healing from dieting
Mood disorders
Self-injurious behavior
Sexual assault & related trauma
Interpersonal difficulties, especially family challenges

Therapy Settings:

Virtual therapy

Theoretical Background:

Integrative/holistic, drawing primarily from DBT, relational, ACT, CBT, mindfulness-based, emotion-focused, feminist, & culturally sensitive therapies.

Fees and Types of Insurance Accepted:

20 minute phone consultation: free
Initial intake session: $150
Individual sessions: $150

I offer sliding scale on a case-by-case basis and am open to discussing this more during our consultation or first appointment.