Creativity Transforms Therapy

Phone: 512-675-1873

If you’re tired of hating your body and warring with yourself, I want you to know that peace and freedom exist. Hope is real, and help to find it is available.

As a professional counselor (and college English major who is trained in art therapy), I love working with the metaphors and symbolism inherent in struggles with eating issues. I have found that those who suffer use food and their bodies as metaphors, engaging in the symbolic communication of restricting/constricting or taking everything in/expelling in order to express their emotions. And what I love about therapy (particularly with art) is that the client and I get to find new forms of media with which to express the client’s inner voice, so that the internal drama does not have to keep playing out on the body.

You do not have to be a so-called “artist” to benefit from art or expressive therapies. And I am convinced that, together (with or without art), we can find other tools to help you cope with emotions and express your truth–in ways that align with your values and get you to where you want to go long-term. My invitation is to partner in therapy to try changing how you see, not how you look.

Works With:

Individuals and Groups
Adolescents (13+) and Adults

Specializes In:

Anorexia, anxiety, binge-eating, borderline personality, bulimia, depression, dual diagnosis, self-esteem, self-harm, sexual abuse, suicidal ideation, and trauma/PTSD

Therapy Settings:

Private practice in an office setting, west of downtown Austin (near MoPac and Center for Discovery), and a couple miles from UT. Also offering telehealth therapy.

Theoretical Background:

I tend to make use of psychodynamic and Gestalt therapy, which on the surface seem to conflict with each other (a dialectic! I also utilize DBT). I like to help clients understand where certain behaviors or associations come from (psychodynamic), AND how they affect them in mind and body in the here-and-now (Gestalt). To that end, I make use of my training in art and other experiential therapies to assist clients in seeing how their current experience might mimic parts of the past or reflect other areas of their lives. Through the therapeutic relationship and artmaking, we can start to create healing emotional experiences. I am also completing a yearlong, advanced trauma training called NARM (Neuro-Affective Relational Model), which provides me with a framework and method of working with complex and developmental trauma.

Fees and Types of Insurance Accepted:

Free 15-minute phone consultation when I am taking new clients
$130 per 55-minute hour
If doing art therapy and you would like longer sessions, I charge $32.50 per 15-minute increment after the first 60 minutes.